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Here´s the link to the CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN where you can support me in the process of recording my new album.



Me and my duo with Marcel Krömker won the first prize in Crest Vocal Jazz. We’re very very happy!!! 

Laura Corallini&Marcel Krömker live Crest




1/2.10 WEEKEND VOCAL WORKSHOP. Global music academy. More info here

4.8 DOS bass&voice at Crest Jazz Vocal, France. 17hs

24.4 Laura Corallini Quartet LIVE RECORDING at Culture Container, Holzmarktstraße 25, 10243 Berlín

21.7 DOS bass&voice at In Spirit, Gedächtnis Kirche, 21hs

7.7 Laura Corallini Quartet at Brandenburg Jazz Fest 17hs

3.7 Laura Corallini Quartet @ Global Music Academy 20hs

28.5 Laura Corallini @Fincan .  18hs. Altenbrakerstr. 26 (Neukölln)

17.5 Kunstfabrik Schlot (Berlin) w/Albrecht Guendel-vom Hofe Quartett

6.4 Donau115 (Berlin). w. Ludwig Hornung (p) & Marcel Krömker (b)

5.3 Kladower Forum (Berlin)

27.2  Galerie Gondwana (Berlin)

24.2 Opening the Latin Jazz Jam @ Zig Zag. Hauptstr. 89 (Berlin)

20 & 21.2 Vocal Workshop. Altenbrakerstr. 26. info here


19.12 en La biblioteca café con Sandra Peralta (voz, cajón), Leandro Cacioni (guitarra) y Marcel Krömker (contrabajo) + Invitados especiales. 21hs

12.12  en Circe Fábrica de Arte con Arian Houshmand (guit) y Marcel Krömker (contrabajo). 22hs

5.12 Taller Vocal Módulos II y III-en Buenos Aires. Más info acá Evento Facebook ó Talleres en Español

30.11 Taller Vocal Módulo I-en Buenos Aires. Más info acá Evento Facebook ó Talleres en Español

15/11 Student´s showcase @ Nussbreite

7 & 8/11, Vocal Workshop in Fincan. info here

6/11 Tertulia con Lectura y Música@Madama Gaucha.Event info

5/11 with Daniel Marques @ Brazilian Explorative Music Festival-20hs-Event info

25/10 “Taste of Brazil” @ Schlot (Berlin). 21hs.

3/10 with Daniel Marques opening for Embichadero (Arg) in Fincan Berlin. 

27/9 “Taste of Brazil” @ Meerbaum-Haus, 16hs, Tiergarten, Siegmunds Hof 20, 10555 Berlin

1/8 Corallini-Diaz duo @ Donau 115

25 & 26 /7, Summer Vocal Workshop for beginners @ Fincan. more info soon!

2/7 with Marcel Krömker Triö @ Zig Zag Club

26/6 with Marcel Krömker Triö @ Fincan

9/6 with Marcel Krömker Triö @ Donau 115. 20:30hs

31/5 Laura Corallini´s Students Concert. Nussbreite, Seestr. 106, Wedding. 19:30hs.

24/5 Flick-Corallini-Krömker. Alte Schulstraße (Kreuzung Alte Dorfstraße) 15345 Altlandsberg OT Wegendorf 19hs.

21/5 with Locura Tanguera. Ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi. 

8/5 Laura Corallini @ Fincan Neukölln, Altenbrakerstr. 26, 20:30 hs.

25 & 26/4 Vocal Workshop at Fincan. Altenbrakerstr. 26. More info here

22/4 Performing at the German Reichstag´s Dome with Café du Soleil. 

18/4 “A taste of Brazil”, Heimatverein Steglitz. Drakerstr. 64A, 12205. 19:30hs.

21/3 Hauskonzert DOS, voice & bass. Rosa Luxemburg Str. 15. 1st floor on the right. 21:30 hs.

25 & 26/2, Vocal Workshop in Buenos Aires. More info here

2/2, Doble Duo en La Peña del Colorado (Buenos Aires). 21:30hs 


13 & 14/12, Vocal Workshop at Fincan. Altenbrakerstr. 26. More info here 

6/12, DOS Voice&Bass live at Donau115

13/11 guest of Rogerio Souza (guit, BRAZIL) @ TBC

6/11 Laura Corallini+Christian Ugurel (s)+Florian Kästner(p)+Marcel Krömker(b) jam session @ 21:30hs

1/11 Student´s concert! Nussbrite, Wedding.

11/10 Vocal Workshop in Berlin

8/10 Laura Corallini(voc) +Mariano Bujacich (piano+bandoneon) @ Donau 115. 20:30hs.

4/10 Laura Corallini 4tett@ Café Fincan

13/9  “DOS-bass & voice” with Marcel Krömker @ Donau 115  21hs.

17-23/8 Teaching at Blueboat Jazz Festival!! more info here

10/08 Open vocal Workshop (Berlin)

26/7 Laura Corallini 4tett@ Café Fincan, 20:30hs.

13/6 Donau 115- 20hs (we start o´clock and finish before 21)

6.6 Guest of Duo Diaz-Woiz in Kunstfabrik Schlot 21:30 hs.

5.6 with Luis Borda´s Ensamble, “Tesoros Latinoamericanos”.  PUC Puchheimer Kulturzentrum. 20hs. 

4/5 @ Shangl Hangl STUDENT´S CONCERT!! 18 hs. Entritt 5-8 EUR.

05/04 @ Donau 115 with Alex Maksymiw (g) and Christian Ugurel (sax).  21hs

18/3 with Mr Eart @ Kaiserkeller, Detmold

3/2 with Mr Eart @ Schlot Berlin

29/1 with Mr Eart @ Schokoladen, Berlin. Sharing the date with Dan Freeman & the Serious.